J&S Manufacturing is a premiere mining equipment manufacturer located in Northern Ontario, Canada, and prides itself on its durable, dependable, high-quality equipment, which has been sold throughout the world.  Walden Equipment is the sole distributor of J&S manufactured equipment, who have quickly become well known in the Global Mining Equipment Industry.
J&S Manufacturing has design capabilities ranging from mobile equipment, to technical custom designs.  Our qualified engineers and exceptional design team can take your equipment ideas, and make them a reality.

About the Company

J&S Manufacturing, originally called J&S Schmitz Overhauling and Manufacturing, was founded in 1994 by Joe & Sylvie Schmitz. When the shop first opened, their product line was diverse, manufacturing included mining equipment, barges, bridges, and more. Over the years, the company began transforming into the productive manufacturing company it is today.

In 2008, the company was purchased by the Walden Group of Companies. Since then, J&S Schmitz has transitioned into a new company – J&S Manufacturing. With the introduction of their high quality, durable and dependable Mining Equipment Fleet, J&S Manufacturing has grown substantially and continues to expand today.

The J&S Manufacturing motto, BUILT TO PERFORM is taken very seriously. J&S Manufacturing understands that in order to meet the demands of the Mining Equipment Industry, it is imperative their equipment products surpass all others on the market today.

For more information on how J&S Manufacturing can improve your productivity please contact our distributor Walden Equipment at 1-705-682-2084 or toll free at 1-877-682-2084.

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